Hustle Zone: documenting the
‘culture of entrepreneurship.’

What if there was a docu-series for entrepreneurs that never ended? A 'living documentary,' that will continue to clarify, illustrate and unfold information about the culture that surrounds entrepreneurship. What if this docu-series was filmed in front of a live audience all over the world, where censorship and editing were no longer applicable? Where information that is given to you, isn't packaged but delivered to you raw and fresh; honest and truthful. What if you could ask questions live? Or, help fact check while someone is speaking? Well, we have already created this platform. And, we call it: Hustle Zone TV!

The Hustle Zone is the first living online video documentary/magazine documenting the ‘culture of entrepreneurship.’ The Hustle Zone conveys its message through stories and autobiographies told by ‘entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.’ The content is educational and informative, but not “clinical” in its tone. Points of view are usually first person or observational, in order to give users a unique perspective on the experiences of the author.

Our mission is to document authentic stories of entrepreneurs from all over world, so that people can relate and learn. Our vision is to unite all members of the entrepreneur community through the ‘culture of entrepreneurship’.  

Culture of Entrepreneurship (COE)

The Hustle Zone is redefining the definition of entrepreneurship. We’re extending the concept to not only include business and lifestyle, but to define it as a culture — a collection of ideas and habits that are shared and transmitted through generations. These practices and belief systems are culturally universal and are immune to race, gender, class, sex, nationality, and age. They’re taught through personal experiences and observation.

Our aim is to compile a “living” document of individuals who share the same entrepreneurship based cultural identity. The beauty lies in the different stories that they share, which gives the content’s consumer a unique perspective of the culture.

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